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Membership Rates

To purchase a Kamloops Snowmobile Association membership you can Join Now and pay online using your credit card.  Take advantage of our early Bird Program available until November 30, 2021.

  Rates until November 30, 2021                                                          From December 1st, 2021


Primary                                       130.00                                                                  140.00

Secondary                                  105.00                                                                  115.00

Senior +65                                    95.00                                                                  100.00                                                         

Youth (12 to 16)                            40.00                                                                   40.00

Child (under 12)                           30.00                                                                    30.00

Corporate 1                                                                                              

(Including 3 memberships)    390.00                                                                  420.00

Corporate 2

(Including 4 memberships)    520.00                                                                   560.00


If you don't have a membership trail fee applies

Trail Fees                                       25.00 per day, per sled


Second Club Membership

if you belong to another snowmobile club that is affiliated with BCSF, you can purchase a membership with KSA and your BCSF portion of $35.00 will be deducted as it is charged only once. What you have to do is to contact us through our email: info@kamloopssnowmobile, provide a picture of your valid/active membership card from the other club and a KSA administrator will contact you to finalize the transaction.